Want a WordPress website that will help achieve real goals?

Hi there, we’re called Orange Bicycle ?. We build beautiful WordPress websites. All our sites are beautifully designed so your customers will love them, but most importantly, they’re designed to help you achieve real goals like generating leads, improving conversion rates, selling your product, and more.

Our clients range from small to large businesses across a bunch of industries. Some of them include:

Start with goals, not templates

From the first time we speak with you, our goal is to understand what your goal is, and how we can help you achieve it. Most people are trying to achieve a specific goal with their new website – whether it’s sign ups, sales, leads or subscribers, and we need to know what that is so we can help create the most effective solution.

Goals for each page on your site

Your website needs a clear goal, so does each individual page on the site. Each page should serve a clear purpose, or you should consider removing it.

When we speak with you, we help you work out the pages you need on your site, the ones you don’t need, and help define a clear goal for each page.

Even if we don’t end up working together, you’ll find you’ll have a structure and scope that’s more focused, after that first call or meeting (which is completely free).

When we work together, we create the layout and design of each page to best achieve that goal – not to fit into a template, so you end up with a site that works hard towards a real goal, and each page serves a purpose.

Transparent process and prices

Call us old fashioned, but we believe there’s only one way to work with well with anyone– by being honest and open. When working together, you can count on us to put forward our opinions even when they’re different to yours, if we believe they’re in the best interest of achieving your goals.

We like working with people that expect us to challenge assumptions and build something effective.

We believe you deserve transparency from the start – not just on our process, but also on price. Most of our WordPress websites start at around $4,500. For what you get for the price, they offer excellent value too. Talk to us to see why or just call 1800 89 80 84.

If you’re on a tight budget, we do offer a one page website option as well. It really varies based on the functionality, the pages, and the complexity. We even built a free instant cost calculator tool to help you work it out. The calculator reflects prices for multi-page sites.

Try the free website cost calculator now to get an instant estimated price range you can use as a guide. Remember, this is a guide only ?

Examples of our work

You’re probably wondering what all the above translates to? What do effective, beautiful WordPress websites look like? Here are three examples of our work for you to judge for yourself.

These sites all have one thing in common (in addition to the beautiful design)–they’re all achieving (and exceeding) their goals, whether it’s leads, sign ups, or sales. We’d be happy to share many more if you’d like. Just ask.

Timblee is a drag and drop website planning tool used by over 1,100 designers across the world. We built Timblee’s website, and the entire app behind it. Timblee is our product.

Check it out at timblee.io

MediPay is a rapidly growing provider of easy payment plans for elective medical procedures like dental work, cosmetic surgery, and more. We built MediPay’s entire brand style, marketing site, online application and more.

Apply for a loan in less than 5 minutes at medipay.com.au

The Lighthouse Group helps leading organisations like Nissan, Nab, QBE and Colliers develop their leaders. We help Lighthouse do this better via a highly functional, beautifully crafted WordPress website.

Check out some leadership courses at lighthousegroup.co

What they say...

Like most of our clients, we’ve been working with Nicole for over 3 years now and have seen her grow her business, Human Tribe, into a wonderful, people-first business. Here’s what she had to say:

The team from Orange Bicycle have been a crucial part of establishing and growing my business, Human Tribe. Right back in the beginning, they helped develop our brand concept which lead to designing and building our website, designing and printing brochures and assisting us with our marketing campaigns. The guys at Orange Bicycle are results focused, personable and commercial in their approach, I highly recommend Orange Bicycle to anyone who needs tech and brand assistance with their business – and let’s face it – who doesn’t?



Nicole Wales
Managing Director, Human Tribe

We love phones & tablets too

Every site we build, no matter what the budget, is fully optimised and even customised for different screen sizes. Your WordPress website will transform beautifully into the most suitable layout for each screen at no extra cost.

Easily edit anything you want

While your site needs to function well and look great for your customers, why should editing it be a pain? It shouldn’t. The admin panel on our sites is logical, simple and easy to use.

We’ll show you how to edit any images, text and video easily, via a detailed walkthrough, and we’re always on hand to answer any questions as they pop up.

How long does it take?

We’re usually able to start projects within a week (maximum two) of us having a discussion. Depending on the size and complexity of the site, the time it takes can vary, but typically multi-page sites we build take between 6 and 10 weeks.

We’ll discuss and agree on exact dates with you when we talk of course – we’re often happy to work out a staged approach if you’re in a rush.

Our process: How does it work?

We follow a very rigorous and structured process, usually reserved for large enterprise websites. You’ll be able to provide input at regular intervals but it’s on us to move things forward and manage the site build so you can focus on what you do best. We’ve summarised our process below.

  1. We talk and discuss the goals you’re trying to achieve
  1. We help you put together a plan and see if we can help

Before we start working together

After we start working together

  1. We create an optimised, effective structure for your site
  1. We discuss, tweak and refine it with you
  1. We turn the structure into a beautiful, detailed custom design
  1. We discuss, tweak and refine it with you
  1. We turn the design into a high quality WordPress website
  1. We rigorously test this across various devices and browsers
  1. We add any remaining text content so everything is good to go
  1. Once you approve it, we deploy your new site to your domain name

Before we start working together

After we start working together

  1. We take you through the admin area of your site and walk you through how to easily edit and images, text and video so you’re not dependent on anyone else for minor updates
  1. We continue to monitor and take care of your site for another 30 days and are available to answer all your questions

All the features

We often get asked questions like, “Will it work on mobile?”, “Will I be able to edit things?” and , “What if I want to work with another developer?”.

We tend to forget that the industry we operate in, unfortunately, often sells what should be standard, inclusive features, as an “upsell”. We don’t. Here’s all the standard stuff you get with every site we build. There’s a lot more of course, but we’ve listed the main ones.

Works beautifully across desktops, phones and tablets.

Designed to achieve your goals, not to fit a template.

Easy to edit admin area where you can change any content.

Beautiful, custom design to match your brand personality.

You fully own your site. You’re free to do what you want with it.

30 days of free maintenance, backups and hosting.

Built on the flexible WordPress content management system.

Honest, no-BS advice and guidance before, during and after 🙂

Hi there,

We’re the co-founders of The Orange Bicycle Company. We’d love to to have a coffee (or call) and discuss what you’re trying to achieve.

If we can help, we will. But either way, we’ll be able to help you get clarity on the approach you could take and things to consider when building your new site. Give us a call on 1800 89 80 84 now 🙂

Let's discuss your goals and see if we can help.

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